A ‘who you are, and what you stand’ for video

Whether you are re-branding, using video for the first time or updating an old video, most public facing organisations have a video telling their audience who they are and what they stand for.

Often the first thing that people see these are vital to get right.  The messaging is key but also the tone and feel of the video.  It should reflect your values as an organisation.

Making a three minute video is a great exercise to go through because it forces you to forensically analyse your brand and work out what the really important two or three messages are (you do not really want any more than this in a video).

And this is where it gets difficult – its like trying to choose only twenty people to come to your wedding!  Like your friends there will be lots of messages that are important but which ones are key.

Life Cycle Films will help you through every stage of the video process and deliver a unique custom designed video to help you let people know who you are and what you stand for.

A video about the outstanding work you do

Whether it be a case study or the bringing together of lots of data using animation, video or a combination of the two Life Cycle Films can help you create the concept, delivering the finished video on time and on budget.

Videos highlighting your work are great value – they can be used in multiple situations from conferences to sharing best practice or CSR internally to your staff.

Prospective employees or shareholders also see these videos and they are an excellent and engaging way to show off  what you are doing.  It allows people interested in your work to see a project as if they are there and brings it to life in a way that a PowerPoint presentation or leaflet is simply unable to do.

Talking of presentations – increasingly video is being integrated into presentations and to have a library of case studies each with a slightly different message perhaps, is incredibly valuable.

A campaign video

Not every campaign needs a video.  In fact some are better without one.  But there are many that do need video.  There is no other communication medium that engages on emotional level more successfully than video.

A video engages an audience by showing, not telling them what the issue is. They take an audience to the project or cause or situation and let them see it for themselves.  It may not be an emotional story. It may be a giant injustice that has been uncovered by facts.  It is difficult to make facts engaging on paper but in animation they come alive.

There is lots of research that shows that viewers retain more information when audio and visual are combined.  Add a carefully considered story, the right music and good editing and you have a convincing emotional heart to your campaign that is easily integrated into all other planned communications.

A great story, simply told

To tell a great story you first need to really understand your audience and, even better, what motivates them.  Your stories should not only be inspiring; they need to be absolutely ‘on message’ as well.

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In a media saturated world, audiences elect to engage with communications so it is more important than ever to give them a reason to watch your video.   A great video has the ability to cut through.

Great stories are easy to share and do not have to be expensive.  They come out of strong and transparent collaboration between you, who knows your organisation inside out and us, who can objectively shape your knowledge into a powerful and effective video.