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Code 7 Kid

Code 7 Kid


Safer Homes in Walsall

Safer Homes in Walsall .


That was the country that once fought war…

1010 play photoSPARK train and support young entrepreneurs in post conflict regions. They help ambitious young people grow their businesses from buying and selling for a small profit into sustainable growth businesses that support them and their community.


A sweet growing business

Jerusalem and ConflictRazan lives in Jerusalem and amid the ever present conflict she has set up a cake shop. There are many reasons why this is brave, economic and political uncertainty and the fact that she is a women in a Muslim society are just three. Watch this to see why she set up her business, what it means to her and her plans for growth.

Some of these 7 year olds have more responsibility than many of us.

CCHF playSome of these children are the primary carers for their siblings and occasionally their parents. This means getting baby brother up, giving him breakfast, getting him changed and to school every day. They don’t get to play. So when they go on a CCHF camp …. well you can imagine! This video needed to tell the story to two very different audiences (parents and donors). Getting the balance right between showing the children having fun without compromising on the underlying issues was critical.

Safer Homes in Walsall

Walsall Street SceneA new CCTV system in Walsall has made the area safer and the residents happier. But it was not always like that. Take a look …

A Lamb’s journey

MSportA slightly longer, informative film made specifically for Marks and Spencer’s New Zealand suppliers in order to show them what happens to their Lamb between Felixstowe Port and the M&S shelves.

Cycle the Tour de France as an amateur? Bonkers.

TdeF Play photo_viewThe team at The Tour de Force wanted a short film that would be used as marketing for their 2013 event. The brief was to capture the beauty, the challenge, the reward and the fact that everything is laid on for you – all participants have to worry about is the cycling. The challenge was to get the cyclists to think about anything else apart from getting to the end of ANOTHER 100+ mile day over the Pyrenees!
The Tour de Force 2013 sold out in record time.


One man against the Alps

TdeF Play photoThe team at Tour de Force needed a corporate video that sold the business angle of a cycling event that follows the actual Tour de France route seven days ahead of the professionals. They would use this when pitching to Corporates for the 2013 event. The challenge was to find the story that would tell the story and not make it feel like a corporate sales video. That, and to make it look fun … despite the pain. The Tour de Force had the largest uptake of corporate riders ever in 2013.


Views from the finish line

i bought a bikeAn epic journey of pain, pleasure and self-discovery. Here’s what the riders had to say at the end. This video is all about getting the right content to tell the most interesting and relevant story.


Code 7 Kid

Code 7 KidKid is a young man with a complicated history. He has had issues with police and prison but his willingness to engage in a positive future is inspiring and his wisdom is impressive. Have a listen to what he has to say …

William Wates Memorial Trust

William Wates Memorial TrustA short video about the trust. Why it was set up. Who it helps and what is unique about it.

School kids saving the world one roof at a time

1010 play photoA motivational case study which was emailed to all schools in the UK. It formed part of a national campaign to encourage schools to sign up to 1010’s Solar Schools project – The brief was to make a short case study that would educate….. and inspire.

An energy company looking for ways to save us money?

No-entry-sign-SPENThese guys monitor the electricity being delivered to Ashton Hayes, a small village in Cheshire. That is not very interesting in itself! But what they are doing with the data will affect us all.