LIfe Cycle Films Pocket Guide #6 – Pro and cons of different video types Different styles of video are useful for different budgets, and also the ‘feel’ of your video. We think there are six main video styles. Click on the link above to see what the pro’s and con’s of each one are. For other Pocket Guides click here. Enjoy

  Life Cycle Films Pocket Guide #5 – How to choose the right video production company Some of you will be well versed in choosing a production company and may simply take recommendations from friends in the sector, but I recently had a company approach me to possibly work for them, and I was impressed by what they wanted to know – so I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

  Life Cycle Films Pocket Guide #4 – Finding Great Video Stories   The key to finding a great story is doing your preparation in advance. Click on the link above and learn 6 great tips to help you source the video stories that reflect your charity in the best possible way.  No sign up required – just useful info in an easy format with our compliments! Enjoy. Life Cycle Films Pocket Guide #4 – Finding Great Video Stories


Posted on: October 5th, 2015

My God these guys are good. Love the music and the simple negative positive to talk about brand values. And a nice incentive to visit store this halloween. Spooky but lovely. Go Cheapotle sorry Chipotle.

  Life Cycle Films Pocket Guide #3 – Make brilliant Smartphone videos   Chase Jarvis said, “The best camera is the one that is with you.” And for most of us that is a smartphone. This short blog post will explain how to make the most of this amazing tool to produce quality, interesting, on-message content from the stories you come across when you don’t have a production company on hand! Enjoy and send me your videos or ask me your questions. We love hearing from you. Life Cycle Films Pocket Guide #3 – Make brilliant Smartphone videos


Posted on: September 28th, 2015

If you want something to cheer you up this is it. If I tell you it is about a small boy going round some suburban streets on an electric skateboard I would forgive you for checking your next email but like all good characters in a video this kid has the x-factor. Here are my thoughts on how to pick a star.


Posted on: September 28th, 2015

Nike has done some amazing work but I have a problem with their new advert, ‘Last’. It is celebrating the hard work and dedication in all of us regardless of whether we come first or last.  All good so far.  Admirable and on brand.  But take a closer look at the runners ‘at the back’.  They all look the same.  Young, fit, thin, good looking as far as we can tell. And are they ‘fake running’? This changes everything and reveals what Nike really thinks about who its customers are.  It’s a lovely concept and feels remarkably similar to much the more authentic,’The Jogger’. May be it is a cultural thing and tells us more about America and Britain than Nike? The problems of being a global brand. You cannot be everything to everyone. Still, I think if you present yourselves as being authentic and ‘of the people’ then you should… Read more »


Posted on: September 22nd, 2015

You have got to love this! This is just a story. A moment in life. A dilemma. It connects with all of us. We may or may not care about H&M but we think the story is funny (and a little bit weird) so we remember it and therefore we remember the brand. Now the product is the subliminal part of advertising and telling a story is at the heart of it. The story even ends on a ‘cliff-hanger’. And Beckham delivers (again …. how irritating!).

8 Essential Tips to telling a great story – Pocket Guide #2 The second in our series of short ‘Pocket Guides’. A beautifully shot video will never be as memorable as a video with a great story.  Connect the story to the brand and you have a winner. Click the link above for eight easy to follow tips on telling great video stories and some examples of great videos that made us sit up and watch. But how do you find these great stories that are all around you?  The most important thing is to ask yourself, ‘is it memorable?  Does it affect you?’  For seven more tips click here. Ten years of making documentaries has taught me what to look out for with great stories. I hope this inspires you to do the same. Enjoy! 8 Essential Tips to telling a great story – Pocket Guide #2

NSPCC’s new astronaut

Posted on: September 15th, 2015

It is all about the simple message, “when a child is free from abuse they are free to dream again.” Massive budgets aside the strategy is simple. Define your message (and keep it simple) and then find a nice story to tell it …. and if you can persuade a BIG agency like Leo Burnett to make it, all the better! If you have tried that and they have some issues with what you want to spend then come to Life Cycle Films who will help you tell your story without blowing the budget. Reach for the stars Alfie, and keep up the good work NSPCC. #EveryChildhood